Breakfast Edition: 19 November 2015

Breakfast Edition: 19 November 2015

WATCH & LISTEN: Here's a recap of this morning's top news stories.

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FATE OF MASTERMIND BEHIND PARIS ATTACKS UNKNOWN: The two most wanted suspects in the Paris terror attacks are still not in custody, despite yesterday's seven hour siege in northern Paris, in which at least two suspects were killed. Forensic investigators are to return to the scene today to gather evidence. Meanwhile ISIS revealed that it executed two hostages: a Chinese national and one from Norway. Intelligence led investigators to believe the Belgian suspect was in an apartment in Saint-Denis to the north of Paris, triggering a ferocious seven-hour shootout there with police that began before dawn. Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said the raid had thwarted a "team of terrorists that... could have struck". At least two people were killed -- a woman thought to have blown herself up with a suicide vest and another body that was found riddled with bullets, the prosecutor said. Pieter van der Merwe has the latest, on the investigation after last Friday's terror attacks in Paris.  

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HAWKS TO APPEAL COURT RULING OVER KZN BOSS: The Hawks have already approached their lawyers to appeal the Durban High Court ruling that overturned the suspension of the Hawks head in Kwa Zulu Natal Johan Booysen. He says his suspension in September, after being charged with misconduct for allegedly providing false information on a reward claim form was a personal attack. But the Hawks' Hangwani Mulaudzi disagrees.  


NEW INTEREST RATE TO BE ANNOUNCED: After yesterday's slight inflation rate hike announcement - putting October inflation at 4-point-7% - economists are still divided over the chances of 2015 ending with an interest rate hike. The Reserve Banks' Monetary Policy Committee will make the announcement this afternoon. 



SA CHILDREN GO TO SCHOOL HUNGRY: While we await the rate announcement, it's estimated that one in five children in South Africa, go to school hungry. Teachers have reported that they struggle to meet the Department of Basic Education's national targets, because many children are mal-nourished and hungry. Dietician, Cheryl Meyer says this is very alarming as breakfast remains the most important meal of the day especially for children. 

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ALL BLACK CAPTAIN BOWS OUT: All Black captain, Richie McCaw has called it quits. After representing New Zeeland a record 148 times and captaining two World Cup winning sides, McCaw will retire with immediate effect to pursue a career as commercial chopper pilot. He did however also take a moment to pay tribute to the 40-year old Jonah Lomu, who died yesterday morning from a kidney ailment.

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BATTLING THE WINDS OF CHANGE: While the weather has wreaked havoc in South Africa recently, at least we don't have to deal with extreme winds. Residents of Colorado witnessed REALLY strong winds and much to the amusement of others, the video has reached thousands. Check it out on the breakfast edition at 8.

LET'S PLAY A ROUND OF...YOUR GOING TO BE A GRANDAD: And if you have some important news to break to your parents, why not use the headphone game. A US couple made their mom and dad wear headphones with LOUD music and made them read lips, to break the news that they're going to become grandparents.

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