Breakfast Edition: 5 November 2015

Breakfast Edition: 5 November 2015

WATCH & LISTEN: Here's a recap of this morning's top news stories.

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ANOTHER CASE OF BRUTALITY BEING INVESTIGATED: Gauteng police have tasked a senior officer to head a task team to investigate yet another incident of alleged police brutality, captured on video. While police top management briefed parliament about the Krugersdorp incident - in which a suspected robber was shot and killed while lying on the ground wounded and unarmed.

Police are not taking any chances after they received another video. In this case, police gave chase in Soweto at the weekend and wounded the suspect in the arm. Stolen goods were found in his possession, according to police spokesperson, Noxolo Kweza.

NORTH WEST POLICE OFFICER SHOT DEAD: Police in the North West have not arrested any suspects yet, after a police officer was shot and killed outside the Mooinooi Mall near Brits on Wednesday afternoon. Police captain, Paul Ramaloko says the police members were on routine patrol, shortly after a clothing store was robbed by a gang when they approached a vehicle. The second policeman managed to get away unharmed.  

UJ EXAM SCHEDULE WILL NOT BE DISRUPTED: The University of Johannesburg says the exam schedule will not be disrupted by the "Occupy UJ" actions on campus against the outsourcing of cleaning services on campus. The UJ's Deputy Vice Chancellor for Strategic Services Mpho Letlate says some protesters again spent the night on campus. 

SAVING WATER IS A PRIORITY: Amid temperatures rising again after a few cooler, but dry days in Gauteng, the City of Johannesburg says its planned several projects to save water including fixing old pipes around the city. Yesterday the water provider briefed media on its capital expenditure projects and water interruptions within the City of Joburg. Silindelo Masikane reports.


TREVOR NOAH UNDERGOES EMERGENCY SURGERY: South African comedian Trevor Noah, who hit the American big time when he replaced Jon Stewart as host of "The Daily Show," has undergone an emergency appendectomy – but only gets one day off work. Comedy Central, which broadcasts the late-night satirical take on the news, announced that Noah went under the knife early Wednesday. "We're happy to report the procedure went well and he is currently recuperating from the surgery," it said.

Trevor Noah's The Daily Show debut
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KENYIAN MINISTER CLAIMS ADULT TOYS ON EXPENSES: While ministers and public servants in South Africa are often questioned about expenditure, a Kenyan MP has reportedly revealed that their Ministry of Devolution bought adult toys on expenses. The BBC reports that the items appeared on a list of expenditure that Parliament's public accounts committee was looking into. Other goods include stationery, photocopiers, as well as a piano and a television. 

STAR WARS POSTERS REVEALED: A number of new posters from the upcoming 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' film have been released, giving fans a closer look at the main characters, Han Solo, Kylo Ren, Finn, Rey and Leia. The franchise's official website has unveiled five new character images from the eagerly awaited blockbuster, ahead of its release on December 17, 2015.

Star Wars Posters
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