Brown launches own probe into Eskom

Brown launches own probe into Eskom

Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown will launch a broad-scope inquiry into affairs of Eskom.

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Delivering her department's budget vote in Parliament, she says she wants the probe to go as far back as 2007.

"The Department has a Memorandum of Agreement with the Special Investigation Unit. I would like the SIU to review the contents of all reports into alleged wrongdoing at Eskom, conduct further investigations into procurement and governance issues raised, as necessary, and report to a retired judge," says Brown.

Brown says the terms of reference for the inquiry has not yet been finalised.

"I would like the judge to consider the SIU's report and make recommendations on remedial action to me. I will brief the NPA on the recommendations," says Brown.

The announcement comes in the wake of Brian Molefe's return as CEO, while a number of deals with Gupta-owned companies have also hit the headlines.

Brown says there have been at least seven investigations into alleged maladministration and corruption at the utility, since the crippling load shedding in 2007.

"Eskom's reputation has been torn to shreds, and the company has been reduced to a symbol of state-owned malfeasance," says Brown.

Brown says the reputations of companies and individuals named in reports have been placed in infinite limbo, as if they have been convicted of crimes in court.

"While the newspapers and opposition bay for the public execution of Eskom's 'guilty' in the town square, there have as yet been no prosecutions, no convictions  and no due legal process."

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