CAA to probe SAA pilot for fraud

CAA to probe SAA pilot for fraud

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) launched an investigation into a pilot who allegedly flew South African Airways (SAA) planes with fraudulent paperwork for more than 20 years.


CAA spokesperson Phindiwe Gwebu says William Chandler was apparently using an airline transportation licence which he did not own.

It is alleged that Chandler refused to be promoted from co-pilot to captain - a process that would require him to submit his certification.

"The pilot, in terms of our record, is in possession of a commercial pilot’s license but not the correct one. This is an isolated incident as far as we are concerned. However, there are serious safety issues should this be true and as a result of that we have launched our own investigation to get to the bottom of it," Gwebu says.

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She says the pilot’s exact title will form part of the investigation.

"We are also concerned with the regards to the quality system of the operator (SAA) because of they were not able to pick something as serious as this for a number of years it could mean that their systems are not fool proof."

Gwebu says punitive actions will have to be taken against Chandler.

"In this regard, the pilot will either have his licence revoked, or we may also decide to issue a penalty which is financial in nature. Thirdly we do regard this as fraud and we are going to refer to the South African Police Service for further investigation."

SAA could not be reached for comment.


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