Call for extension of permits for foreign students

Call for extension of permits for foreign students

The South African Students Congress (SASCO) on Monday called for the extension of study permits for foreign students following weeks of campus protests against tuition fee hikes.

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“In light of the recent nationwide campus shut down, SASCO has learnt that the revised exam time tables will negatively affect international students whose study permits will expire within the duration of the examinations,” the organisation said.

“Understanding our commitment to academic excellence, we are determined to ensure that no student is negatively affected by the shut down and the protest actions.”

It said the revised examination time tables at various institutions of higher learning would negatively affect study permits.

“As such we are working to ensure that the study permits be extended in correlation with the revised institutions academic program. We are currently engaging the Department of Home Affairs to commit that no student will be prohibited from writing their exams owing to their visa status.”

Protests by students saw campuses around the country postponing academic activities and exams in the past three weeks. - ANA

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