Can suburban ever be township?

Can suburban ever be township?

She’s young, has got a lot of spunk, is a house DJ, performs in the township, and oh – she’s white. 

Kasi Mlungu

But Kasi Mlungu, real name Anita Ronge, says she can choose whomever she wants to be. 


So controversial has her sojourns into the townships been – she gets twitter in a tizz- at times upset, with some asking the question – since when is this what black is all about? 


But this doesn’t upset the young woman wanting to do her thing – and it is certainly not stopping her from venturing into Vosloorus, Tembisa and Soweto. 


Ronge recently tweeted: “I get rejected for not being "black enough" and being "too black" to be white... I am Kasi Mlungu and I'm proud”.


But some are sceptical about the reasons for Kasi Mlungu’s eagerness to perform in the township, accusing her of using black township culture to further her career. 



“I feel united with African culture, at the end of the day you can choose who you want to be. I grew up Afrikaans but always loved African culture and I used to be mocked by white schoolmates for that” she says.


Ronge says her house music career, which she fuses with black township culture, was given a push by industry experts who helped her hone her craft. 


“When I started my career I chose the alias the DuchAz. But three months into my training I was performing at an event - on the poster the organisers put “Kasi Mlungu”. I was advised to go with it as they were birthing my career - and I did”, she says.


Twitter users were also angry at the fact that Ronge calls herself a township white person but does not live in the township.


“I live in Kempton Park and would love to live in the township, but Tembisa is my second home and I feel a sense of belonging when I visit my friends in Tembisa” she says.


Some house music fans have taken to social media to defend her brand and her music saying she will take South Africa forward as she breaks stereotypes.




[Edited by Faith Daniels ]

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