Chaos in Hatfield

Chaos in Hatfield

Protesting students took to the streets of in Hatfield in Pretoria this morning after a night vigil at the University of Pretoria last night. 


It is part of the ongoing bid for free higher education that has seen weeks of disruptions to classes and exams at universities across South Africa.


Police and metro police were on the scene, with police firing rubber bullets and stun grenades early on Monday morning.


Police spokesperson, Sally de Beer told Jacaranda FM News that the students damaged vehicles were after police had to react.


"Police are monitoring the situation and when it is necessary to take action, we will do so - as we have been doing - with maximum restraint and minimum force," de Beer said.



Meanwhile, the University of Pretoria's Anaretha Bouwer said she could not confirm anything and that university management are expected to meet today.

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