Charges laid against bodybuilder (17) for breaking dog’s legs

Charges laid against bodybuilder (17) for breaking dog’s legs

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Bloemfontein has laid charges against a 17-year-old bodybuilder who broke the legs of a dog “to test how strong he is”.


The SPCA was alerted by a resident who heard the dog howling in the Bayswater area on Sunday.


A local inspector Duan Matthee, who was first on the horrific scene, says he found the dog lying in a pool of blood with its bones piercing through its skin.


"We also found the hysterical 17-year-old boy standing next to the dog with his moods up and down. When we tried speaking to the boy, we calmed him down because he kept on blocking our access to the dog, he kept intimidating us with the gym dumbbells in his hands, not allowing us to go near the dog.


"We tried to calm him down and talk to him to ask him what happened and if there is some way we can help him."


Matthee says the teenager told him that he was a bodybuilder and he wanted to see how strong he is by breaking the legs of the dog.

"He started by breaking broomsticks, he then googled what is the strongest and that's when he came across bones being the strongest concrete, he then tried it out on his dog.”

Matthee says they've received donations from the public which will cover the dog’s surgery.


"We still need a few donations to help with the rehabilitation of the dog."

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