Civil society campaign launched to fight coronavirus

Civil society campaign launched to fight coronavirus

Civil and community-based organisations have launched a campaign to monitor and assist government in the battle against Covid-19.

Civil society campaign launched to fight coronavirus

The Community Constituency Covid-19 Front was launched in Pretoria on Thursday - day 14 of the national lockdown. 


The network of organisations will focus on educating the most vulnerable about the virus and monitoring government's response. 


"We cannot afford to respond and speak about access to health and continue to violate human rights. Our responsibility is to monitor whether the provision of water and food is not neglected as a responsibility of government," says Steve Letsike, chairperson of the forum.

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Letshike says they will be raising several issues with the government, including the provision of acute medication and income security for all. 


At the same time, the forum will also work alongside the government in its efforts to fight the pandemic. 


"We want to focus on how the government responds to the issues around Covid-19 and the broader socio-economic issues. We don't want anyone to be left behind, whether they are, lesbian, gay, bisexual, gay, transgender, sex workers, persons with disabilities or migrants. Nobody must be left behind."

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