Cogta: 66 municipalities dysfunctional, 30 now stable

Cogta: 66 municipalities dysfunctional, 30 now stable

The latest State of Local Government Report by the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs shows the number of dysfunctional municipalities has increased from 64 in 2021 to 66 in 2022.

Nkadimeng says 64 cities categorised as dysfunctional

This was confirmed by Cogta Minister Thembi Nkadimeng during a media briefing in Pretoria on Wednesday.

The briefing highlighted the challenges, ongoing support, work, and interventions geared towards turning around municipalities and ensuring an effective and efficient functioning local government.

While there has been an increase in in the number of dysfunctional municipalities, Nkadimeng said there was a substantial improvement in the overall condition of municipalities nationwide.

"This shift is vividly depicted in the data, signaling significant progress in the stability and efficiency of our local governing bodies," she said.

"The number of medium-risk municipalities decreased from 111 to 107, while the count of low-risk municipalities decreased from 66 to 54.

"In 2021, only 16 municipalities were deemed stable, the number has now increased to 30.

Nkadimeng lauded the development as a significant leap forward in effective governance and operations.

"This progress is because of collaborative efforts, innovative strategies, and dedication of various stakeholders working toward the betterment of local governance. 

"It highlights a promising trajectory toward more robust, accountable, and responsive local government systems.

"We recognise that there are still challenges ahead, and our commitment to addressing them remains firm. 

"This positive trend inspires confidence and underscores the potential for continued growth and development in our local communities," she said.

Nkadimeng said her department is working with provinces, the National Treasury, and the South African Local Government Association to introduce substantial legislative and policy reforms.

This includes the Municipal Structures Act Review, the Municipal Systems Act Review, Municipal Staff Regulations, and management vehicles servicing the poor, Infrastructure Asset Management Plans, strengthening of the Municipal Infrastructure Support Agent (MISA) and the Results Management Office (RMO).

"Our proactive stance in proposing these bills underscores a dedication to fortifying the structure and functionality of local governance. 

"These interventions are strategically designed to address various critical aspects, ensuring compliance, effective administration, and stronger collaborations within municipalities. 

"As these bills progress, we remain committed to engaging stakeholders and refining these initiatives to foster a more resilient and efficient local government system for the benefit of all citizens," said Nkadimeng.


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