CoJ cyber attack a reality check for businesses - expert

CoJ cyber attack a reality check for businesses - expert

Customer expert specialist Brendon Klopper has warned businesses and government that cyber security shouldn’t be taken lightly.


This comes after the hacking of City of Johannesburg's website.


Klopper adds that the attack on the system could have dire consequences for customers.


"In practical terms, obviously the worst that could happen is the client's information is out there, in the market, in cyberspace. We have to ask ourselves questions around data security, personal information in terms of your identity so it could be identity theft, personal information in terms of bank accounts," says Klopper.


"I think consumers do have a reason to be concerned."


City of Joburg website hacked

The City's Ntshatisi Modigoane was cautious in confirming a possible ransom demand from hackers to media on Friday morning, saying only that the City's team was meeting on Friday morning to assess the situation. Business Day reported that a group called Kill Hackers is demanding a ransom in bitcoins.

According to a tweet from the city, customers will not be able to use the city's online services as they had to take "immediate and appropriate actions to reinforce security measures and mitigate any potential impact”.


Klopper says the digitalisation of businesses poses a risk to customers.


"As businesses become more digital, the way that we interface and engage with customers is becoming a lot more digital as well. I think we have to be exceptionally careful about how we protect the data we have within our organisation."

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