The cost behind some of the world’s most Instagrammable hotel bathrooms

The cost behind some of the world’s most instagrammable hotel bathrooms

Most people love a good selfie, but getting the perfect hotel bathroom selfie can set you back a pretty penny. 

Silo Hotel Cape Town bathroom
Twitter: @foamandbubbles

UK-based company Mira Showers has released a list of the most instagrammable hotel bathrooms across the world, and it seems Instagram likes don't come cheap. 

The company says there are currently over 1.6 million uses of #bathroomselfie and 320 thousand uses of the hashtag #bathroomgoals on the social media site.

It looked at the cost of the hotel rooms that garnered the most likes on Instagram. 

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A room at the Conrad Malvies cost in the region of R62 350 with a selfie there getting you an average of 728 likes on Instagram. 

The Silo hotel in Cape Town also made it on to the list with a post from their bathrooms averaging 728 likes on Instagram and the perfect room costing about R62 350 a night. 

The Punta Tragara Hotel in Italy generates about 1 831 likes on Instagram, but will cost you about R55 630 per night. 

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