Court rules in favour of Mpumalanga quarantine group

Court rules in favour of Mpumalanga quarantine group

The High Court in Pretoria has ruled in favour of a group of 107 people quarantined at the Zithabiseni Resort in Mpumalanga.


The group, which includes a number of children, was repatriated from Mozambique and supposed to stay at the resort for 14 days of isolation in line with the government's Covid-19 regulations. 


The group, unhappy at the conditions at the resort, asked lobby group AfriForum to take the provincial department of health to court to have them tested and released.

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The group was concerned about the lack of hygiene at the resort and felt unsafe. 


AfriForum’s Monique Taute says the group was tested on Tuesday after 8 days of isolation. 


"AfriForum will not tolerate such abuses of power by government officials. It is immoral that people are detained in such camps and that officials refused to test them for such a long time.


"It is a blatant violation of people’s basic freedoms. These people were prisoners. The facility not only violated the required World Health Organisation standards, but the people were also kept there against their will.”

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