Criminologist's analysis of recent deadly attacks in SA

Criminologist's analysis of recent deadly attacks in SA

Commenting on the recent spate of deadly attacks mainly in Gauteng, criminologist Robert Peacock says the number of murdered women and girls circulated on social media lately has left South Africans shaken. 

Karabo Mokoena

He says what's more frightening is that often the killers in these incidents have no intention to stop, adding a sadistic killer or an organised syndicate is often behind such gruesome murders. 

"These people are addicted to killing. They won't stop until they are stopped themselves.

"Usually, there's a triggering effect where this person might feel dismissed and a sense of equilibrium will only be achieved after the killing and the [falseness] associated with that," he said.

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The bodies of at least five young women were found dumped in areas around the province, with some of them having been brutally killed and even burned before their bodies were disposed of. 

One of them is that of 28-year-old Bongeka Phungula from Mayville, in Durban who had been shot multiple times.

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The body of Phungula's friend, Popi Qwabe - also from Durban - was found in Soweto at the weekend. 

Meanwhile, the family and friends of 22-year-old Karabo Mokoena who was killed allegedly by her former partner will pay their final respects to her when she's laid to rest today.

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