Cyclone Dineo: History of severe weather patterns in Mozambique

Cyclone Dineo: History of severe weather patterns in Mozambique

The Mozambique climate statistics show that the country has variable weather conditions in the northern and southern parts, from Vilanculos to Pemba.

Route of a cyclone along east africa

Cyclone Dineo is expected to hit the coastline of Mozambique tonight with warnings of severe rainfall that is expected in parts of Kwa Zulu Natal, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

According to the website, Expert Africa, the average temperature and the total rainfall during a typical year may vary from one region to the next, although the coastal areas of central Mozambique have a high risk of cyclones during the rainy season.


The rainy season in Mozambique runs from November to April. 


History of cyclones:


2000: Cyclone Leon-Eline was the longest-lived Indian Ocean tropical cyclone on record, traveling over 11,000 km  during its 29-day duration. It formed on the 1st of February 2000, in the Australian basin as Tropical Cyclone Leon. Late on the 17th of February, Eline made landfall near Mahanoro in Madagascar, with winds of up to 165 km/h. The storm rapidly weakened over land, but restrengthened in the Mozambique Channel to reach peak 10-minute winds of 185 km/h to affect Mozambique since Jokwe in 2008.

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2004: Cyclone Elita was an unusual tropical cyclone that made landfall on Madagascar three times. Elita developed in the Mozambique Channel on January 24, 2004. It strengthened to become a tropical cyclone before striking northwestern Madagascar on January 28. Elita weakened to tropical depression status while crossing the island, and after exiting into the southwest Indian Ocean, it turned to the west and moved ashore in eastern Madagascar on January 31.


2007: Cyclone Favio was the first known tropical cyclone that passed south of Madagascar to strike Africa as an intense tropical cyclone. Early on the 11th of February 2007, a zone of disturbed weather formed east of Madagascar. Four days later, Favio was named as intensified to a moderate tropical storm while moving southwest. On February 18, the storm was upgraded into a severe tropical storm. Then, it turned west in the general direction of Mozambique. Continuing to intensify, Favio was upgraded to a tropical cyclone early on February 19.


2012: Intense Tropical Cyclone Funso was a powerful tropical cyclone which produced flooding in Mozambique and Malawi in January 2012. It was the eighth tropical cyclone, the sixth named storm and the second tropical cyclone to form during the 2011-12 season. Funso was also the first intense tropical cyclone since Bingiza in 2011 and the first storm 

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