'Dagga pizza' suitable for kids, says Col'Cacchio

'Dagga pizza' suitable for kids, says Col'Cacchio

Italian pizza franchise Col'Cacchio says the new 'dagga pizza' has no age restrictions and is suitable for children.

Col'Cacchio Pizza

Col'Cacchio has teamed up with Cannabidiol (CBD) oil maker africanpure to launch the country's first cannabis pizza.

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"There isn't an age restriction to this because one cannot overdose on this," says founder and menu developer, Kinga Baranowska.


"Quite a bit of research has been done around the fact that it can be good for kids in certain aspects. I'm not professing to say that it is good for anybody."


The franchise will limit the dosage to 20mg per serving.


The Department of Health announced that cannabis can be legally purchased in South Africa in May this year.


"We then saw the trend coming to South Africa when the health minister also legalised that we are now allowed to use it, a certain percentage of it can be used," says Baranowska.


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