Drought not a disaster yet, but use water sparingly

Drought not a disaster yet, but use water sparingly

South Africa's food security will be heavily affected due to the worst drought in recent history.

Senzeni Zokwana
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Agriculture Minister Senzeni Zokwana updated media Friday on how government was strengthening relief efforts.

He explained that government, municipalities as well as other departments are working together to assist farmers and citizens.

Zokwana said they now have clarity on the negative impact of the drought. Of particular concern is crop production, livestock and agricultural infrastructure.

"Food security will be heavily affected by the drought, because we will not harvest the yield we expected owing to the current drought. In some places no planting was done while some will have very low yields.

He said despite there not being a national crisis, South Africans should continue to use water sparingly.

"We must not say that because of the rain received the problem is over. It is not over. I believe we will, through the media passing on this information and people participating, continue engaging going forward.

Zokwana said there are many things we as a society and government need to do in support of the relief efforts.

Options include linking all new housing projects to JoJo tanks that make use of rain water, re-using water for irrigation as well as doing washing in the early morning.

The minister also renewed the call not to water garden and crops in the heat of the day.

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