EFF open to working with any party - Malema

EFF open to working with any party - Malema

EFF leader Julius Malema says his party willing to talk to any party about a possible coalition government after the May 29 elections.

EFF open to working with any party - Malema
X: EFF South Africa

Malema engage journalists in Johannesburg on Friday on the party’s elections campaign.

He is adamant that the ANC is unlikely to get a majority at the polls.

Malema said the party is going into the elections with an open mind.

"We don't have a problem with a coalition government. We think it is the most workable solution to political arrogance, in the sense of the incumbent because when you are in coalition, you know that you don't have absolute majority because majority corrupts absolutely.

"So, it doesn't matter what's going to happen on the 29 of May. There is no way the ANC is going to get a majority, we are prepared to talk to them.

"We are going to talk to everyone, including the DA. We want to prioritise the citizens more than our ideological differences," said Malema.

Malema said a coalition government will be an opportunity for the EFF to gain experience and display what the party can deliver.

He said the party is even more open to work with MK party. 

“We are not far from a lot of parties about what needs to happen I mean ATM, AZAPO, PAC, MK, including the ANC by the way on the land question.”

“We are not far apart we had actually had an agreement with the ANC that we would expropriate land without compensation and they developed cold feet that we are going to nationalise the Reserve Bank, that we are going to establish a state bank. 

"These two we followed up when we went to Parliament and nationalisation of mines and one of the simplest demands we made was removing Die Stem from the national anthem,” he added.


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