EFF targets H&M over racist advert

EFF targets H&M over racist advert

The incident follows a controversial advertisement by the retailer which has since been retracted.

H&M looting by EFF
Floyd Shivambu

Members of the EFF have target an H&M store in a shopping centre in Gauteng to protest against a recent advert by the retailer.

The Swedish clothing giant on Monday apologised and removed an advertisement of a black child after the company was accused of being racist on social media.

A photo on the company's website of a black boy wearing a green hoodie with the inscription "coolest monkey in the jungle" triggered outrage among observers.

EFF members targeted the H&M store at the Clearwater mall on Saturday.

"We are here to just remind them that the monkeys own this place," says the EFF's Donald Mabunda. "We are here to inform them, if you want to undermine the black people in this country, these are the results."

Mabunda says the store has since been closed adding, they are willing to sleep at the shopping centre until they can meet with a representative from H&M.

Clearwater mall was not immediately available for comment, while H&M is yet to respond to the incident.

Jacarandafm has received reports of a similar incident at the Menlyn shopping centre in Pretoria, but this is yet to be confirmed.

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