Elderly Limpopo woman killed by hippo

Elderly Limpopo woman killed by hippo

A 63-year-old Limpopo woman died after being attacked by a hippo in Magona village on Wednesday.

Hippo - file photo

Spokesperson for the Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism Zaid Kalla says the woman was attacked by the animal after it was spotted by the local community, who tailed the animals out of curiosity.


"Due to scarcity of such incidences, the residents tailed the animal fuelled by curiosity and ignorance of the danger attached to such action.


“Assuming the hippo felt provoked, threatened and overwhelmed by the animalistic need to protect its young, it attacked. Those around managed to swiftly escape while the 63-year-old woman was unfortunate and fell victim to the animal.”


A team of field rangers have been dispatched to track down the hippos and escort them to a wildlife-friendly environment.

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