Eskom to carry out maintenance

Eskom to carry out maintenance

Eskom has announced that it was carrying out much needed maintenance on various plants but said no load shedding was on the cards.

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"Eskom is progressing well with the maintenance of its power generating units, whilst supplying the country's electricity needs. No load shedding was implemented today," the power giant said in a statement.

To date we have been load shedding free for a 176 days.

The embattled power utility says the power system has been stable throughout the last quarter resulting in almost 6 months of no load shedding.

It attributed the stability to Tetris maintenance planning tool which supported the execution of more planned maintenance without any power interruption.

"Our prognosis is that there will be no load shedding for summer, autumn and going into winter. However, we are not completely out of the woods yet and all available levers will be used to avoid load shedding, including electricity generated by independent power producers (IPPs), open cycle gas turbines (OCGTs) and Demand Response," the statement continued.

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