EXCLUSIVE: The EFF has sold out - Magdalene Moonsamy

EXCLUSIVE: The EFF has sold out - Magdalene Moonsamy

Former Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Treasurer General Magdalene Moonsamy believes the party sold out black South Africans when it decided to partner with the Democratic Alliance (DA) following last year's local government elections. 

Magdalene Moonsamy

"I will never be dragged into the historical blunder of having sold the blood and tears of our people," says Moonsamy. 

"I heard over the radio that I had been part of coalition talks with the DA, but by the time the talks started I had long left the party. There is is no rationale behind voting with the DA or going into a coalition with them." 

Moonsamy says the DA remains defenders of 'White Monopoly Capital', and it astounds her that the leadership of the EFF is still willing to vote with the very same people who own the means of production -  the people they are supposed to be fighting. 


"In Tshwane right now, there is chaos. In Johannesburg right now, there is chaos. The Mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba, calls our people criminals. We all know in the main that foreign nationals come from the continent, so what has voting with the DA or going into a coalition with them yielded for our people?" asks Moonsamy. 

She says nobody has yet managed to convince her of the rationale of voting with the DA. She says the only conclusion she has been able to draw, is that the decision was made for the purpose of political expediency. 

"The EFF sold out the African people when they voted with the DA, there is nothing right about that. It is painful for me to say it, but I needed to clarify that because I didn't need to dragged into this space," says Moonsamy. 

"I was accused of being involved in those negotiations with the DA, don't expect me to keep quiet when you open the door for a response.The EFF sold out, it sold out. It most absolutely sold out." 

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