Expert questions impact of NHI Bill on public health

Expert questions impact of NHI Bill on public health

A health expert believes that allowing free access to both public and private healthcare facilities may not necessarily improve people's health. 


Renata Schoeman has been sharing her views on the controversial National Health Insurance Bill, as the globe marks World Health Day.

The bill seeks to achieve universal healthcare for all South Africans.

However, key industry role players have voiced concerns about the bill being passed in its current form.

Funding is one issue. In February, President Cyril Ramaphosa said that he would sign the proposed legislation into law soon. Schoeman, who is the Head of Healthcare at Stellenbosch Business School, agrees that the bill needs more work.

"The only way that we can really improve health in the country is if we have a systemic perspective from all stakeholders involved whether it is public sector or private sector. Also across the health care system, the educational system, media and also looking at the social-economic environment of people addressing poverty etc.

Now, in this system of networks we need to focus on the individual’s responsibility to take care of their own health."


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