Experts: "OR Tambo heist could be an inside job"

Experts: "OR Tambo heist could be an inside job"

Senior Researcher from the Institute of Security Studies (ISS), Dr Johan Burger, believes that Tuesday night's heist at OR Tambo International Airport could very well have been an inside job. 

OR Tambo Airport
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Security at South Africa's largest airport was breached, with an unknown number of suspects fleeing with a substantial amount of cash, believed to be in the millions of rands. 

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 Burger says although there not a lot of information to go on at this stage, the robbery looks like an inside job.


"There must have someone on the inside who knew about the intricate details of the money. One also needs the right kind of permits to move around," says Burger.


Guy Leitch , editor of SA Flyer Magazine, has echoed Burger's sentiments. He also believes the robbers should never have been allowed to come anywhere near the airport, as it is a strategic key point.


 "This is a point of entry that is controlled by customs and exercised by Sars officials and police. Access to the freight aprons should be completely controlled," says Leich.


 Burger has also not ruled out the possibility of the involvement of an organized crime syndicate.


 "Organized criminal groups do excellent planning. Once they have information about something as valuable as this and as a possible target, they do excellent planning. They knew exactly what was needed to get them to the target," explains Burger.


A multi-disciplinary task team, which includes members if the Hawks and police detectives, are probing the incident. 


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