FBI, local authorities zone in on Cape Town woman selling pics of daughter (4)

FBI, local authorities zone in on Cape Town woman selling pics of daughter (4)

A 32-year-old Cape Town woman is in hot water after local authorities and US officials tracked an online sale she made on the dark web.

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The woman was caught red-handed selling naked pictures of her 4-year- old daughter online. 

It’s understood the US intelligence and security service, FBI, picked up on the sale of the images on the internet. 

An agent from Homeland Security acted as a buyer and traced her to Bonteheuwel via geotagging. 

Bonteheuwel ward councillor Angus McKenzie says the woman received payments  for the transaction via PayPal. 

“I’m horribly shocked at these revelations. I want to appeal and make it very clear that this is not who we are as a society and as a community. 

“Unfortunately there are some very difficult circumstances that people go through but no excuse warrants you to abuse your own flesh and blood.”


The woman, who cannot be named, appeared the Bishop Lavis Magistrates Court last week Thursday.  

“There are numerous avenues that can be used to address poverty and social ills and struggles that our people go through and  many times, all it takes is for you to put up your hand.

“While not condoning the actions of this mother, I want to make it clear that the FBI, the Homelands Security Agency, the South African Police and the Department of Justice must do everything in their power to ensure that this mother never, ever has the opportunity to see the light of day again,” McKenzie adds. 

The case has been postponed to 19 August for further investigation.  

“She hasn't applied for bail yet. Unfortunately we are not in a position to name her as that would be naming the victim.” 

Listen to McKenzie below: 

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