FFPlus, ACDP, GOOD gunning for more seats in Parliament

FFPlus, ACDP, GOOD gunning for more seats in Parliament

Wednesday marked exactly one week before South Africans will cast their votes in the national and provincial elections.

Tape of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) demarcates the polling station in the gang-ridden area of Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, on May 8, 2019, during South African general elections. IEC generic

South Africa's 27 million registered voters go to the polls for general elections on May 29, in what is expected to be the closest vote in three decades of democracy.

More than 50 parties are vying to win seats in Parliament, which will then appoint a president. 


While a lot of the media attention has been on the so-called big parties, such as the ANC, DA and EFF, the smaller parties are hoping to make inroads with disillusioned voters.

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa has already said that the governing party is going for an outright majority, while the DA and EFF are also aiming for growth.

However, several other parties represented in Parliament say South Africans have received their message and have agreed to give them an opportunity at the polls.

GOOD leader Patricia de Lille told Jacaranda FM News that her party has done enough work to inform voters of their commitments.

"I am also fighting to make sure that we get more women because black women are the face of poverty in our country, and we must push for more representation. We will be happy with growth. I put my faith in the hands of South Africans and they will decide, but growth for us is important.”

Meanwhile, ACDP leader Kenneth Meshoe says his party is also aiming to win more seats in Parliament.

"We are aiming for more seats, more than triple what we have, and we will be happy if we can be in the top five. We don't want to see ourselves lower than five seats.”

Freedom Front Plus national head of elections, Wouter Wessels, says the internal research shows massive growth ahead for the party.

"We hope that the majority of registered South Africans go out and vote so that there is real change and multi-party charter can come to government after the 29 of May.

“Our internal research and membership show that we will grow in all nine provincial legislatures and Parliament. It is important for all South Africans to go out and vote for parties they believe in.”


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