Fire hazard see GIZZU recalling thousands of power banks

Fire hazard see GIZZU recalling thousands of portable power stations

The National Consumer Commission has urged the public in possession of the Gizzu GPS300 and GPS500 Portable Power Stations to immediately to stop using them due to fire hazards.

Fire hazard see GIZZU recalling thousands of power banks

This follows reports of the devices combusting while charging.

The importer and supplier, Syntech Distribution (Pty) Ltd says the affected devices have a battery manufacturing flaw which presents a possibility of the product self-combusting and melting when it is charging. 

In cases where the product's battery does self-combust, a non-toxic cloud of smoke is released, which may present a fire hazard to nearby furniture.

The products were imported from China and sold by, Builders Warehouse, Makro, Incredible Connection and Hifi Corp. 

Acting National Consumer Commissioner Thezi Mabuza says the products should be returned to the supplier or retailers.

"While the supplier says the recall affects a small number of units; however, safety of South African consumers is of utmost importance, all the time. 

"This recall comes at the time where South Africans are grappling with the effects of rolling blackouts and trying to circumvent the effects of loadshedding. It is estimated that 3500 units were sold " she added.

Consumers are urged to look for the following product description to determine whether the products in their possession form part of the recall:



GPS30011220071 -GPS30011221170

PPS30001230001- PPS30001230502



GPS30012220801 -GPS30012221600




GPS50011220701 -GPS50011221700

PPS50001230001 -PPS50001230502



GPS50012221171 -GPS50012222340

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