Fists fly as EFF removed from Parliament again

Fists fly as EFF removed from Parliament again

A violent clash erupted between Economic Freedom Fighters MPs and Parliamentary protection officers after party members were ejected from the National Assembly chamber on Tuesday afternoon.

EFF MPs loudly disrupted proceedings, insisting that President Jacob Zuma not be allowed to continue his quarterly question and answer session in the National Assembly.

As the EFF MPs were dragged out of the chamber by Parliament's protection guard, their supporters from the public gallery rallied around them.

The sitting descended into chaos as running battles ensued between the EFF members in their red berets and the officials, known as the white shirts.

WATCH: EFF fights back as they are forcefully removed from Parliament

Some of the EFF supporters and MPs hurled objects like broomsticks and bins, while the protection officers formed a huddle to force them out of the chamber and out of the Old Assembly building exit.

The protection officers then closed the glass door which was later shattered after more objects were hurled.

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