FlySafair hands frisky couple lifetime ban

FlySafair hands frisky couple lifetime ban

Local airline FlySafair warns travellers it will not tolerate indecent behaviour on any of its flights. 


The airline was reacting to an incident on Monday afternoon where a couple was caught engaging in indecent sexual behaviour while on a flight from Johannesburg to Durban. 

Chief marketing officer Kirby Gordon says the entire act was recorded by a passenger during take-off and alerted the crew members.

"Everybody was strapped in, the safety belts were illuminated and the crew was in the crew seats. 

"He then informed the crew of what he witnessed and shared a video of what he took with them as soon as the safety lights had been turned off." 

The airline has banned the couple from booking flights with them in the future. 

"We have added these individuals to our no-fly list. They are no longer welcomed aboard any FlySafair flights and we pledged our commitment to the witness to this party that we are there to assist in any third action that he wishes to take."

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