Ford recalls Kuga 1.6l SUV

Ford recalls Kuga 1.6l SUV

Ford has announced a safety recall of Kuga 1.6l models manufactured between December 2012 and February 2014. 

Ford Kuga on flames
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A total of 39 vehicles have burst into flames in South Africa since last year. 

In the most recent incident, a video emerged of showing the aftermath of a Kuga bursting into flames on a Johannesburg highway.

Ford SA CEO Jeff Nemeth says: "We have determined the fires are due to overheating caused by a lack of coolant circulation which can lead to the cracking of the cylinder head and therefore an oil leak. If the leaking oil reaches a hot engine component it can potentially catch fire."

He says Ford is not aware of any injuries caused by the engine compartment fires. 

In 2015, 33-year-old Reshall Jimmy died when his Ford Kuga caught fire while on holiday, but Ford says the incident was 'unique and unrelated' to the engine fires. 

His family however want Ford to take responsibility for his death.

But Nemeth says: "All investigating parties have ruled out an engine compartment fire." 

All affected vehicles, including those which have already been checked, must be taken to a Ford dealer.

"If any Kuga 1.6 owner sees any indication that the engine may be overheating, they should pull over, switch off the engine and ensure all occupants are safely out of the vehicle," Nemeth advises. 

The National Consumer Commission has confirmed that a total of 4556 Kuga 1,6l SUVs will be recalled.

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