Gauteng ANC think they're better than Zuma: Malema

Gauteng ANC think they're better than Zuma: Malema

The ANC in Gauteng think they are better than their President Jacob Zuma, Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema said on Thursday.

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"They think they are smarter than Jacob Zuma's collective," Malema told reporters in Johannesburg.


Malema said the removal of EFF MPLs from the Gauteng legislature for wearing red overalls bearing a slogan was a sign of an internal battle currently raging within the African National Congress.


"It is an internal political battle more than a battle between the ANC and EFF. They are projecting Zuma as being not so reasonable. This [is] because [in] the National Assembly the ANC accepted overalls and paid attention to the ideological content of debates."


Malema said people should not look down on workers. He said EFF members would continue wearing their attire to remind those in legislatures of who they represented.


"We are defying colonialist decorum. We are not English-made. We are workers, and we are going to wear those clothes and we are unapologetic about it," he said.


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