Gauteng search for suspects who killed a female police detective

Gauteng search for suspects who killed a female police detective

Gauteng police have activated a 72-Hour Activation Plan in search of a murder suspect who allegedly killed a female police detective.

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National Commissioner of Police, Khehla Sitole, says the Sebokeng Detective Sergeant was murdered while on her way to report for duty in Sebokeng on Tuesday morning.

"As they were travelling, a few houses down the road they noticed something suspicious happening around a vehicle.  It appeared to them that a person being forced into the boot of the vehicle.

The driver reversed to investigate, but they were fired upon by the men that were at the suspicious vehicle," says Sithole.

He adds that the 40-year-old Sergeant was sitting in the back seat of the car when the bullet struck her in the back of her head.

The driver drove to the nearest hospital, where the sergeant was declared dead.

"The other two members escaped the attack unscathed," says Sithole.

"I have also tasked the Management of the police in Gauteng to provide all the necessary support to the family of our fallen colleague,” adds Sithole


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Co-Chairperson of the Defence Committee, Cyril Xaba, says the letter will be presented before the committee at noon on Wednesday. "The President has launched an unprecedented war on the virus, I consider this to be full scale war. We will be looking at it and considering the implication of the letter this afternoon," he said.

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