Gigaba bans anti-gay US Pastor from entering SA
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Gigaba bans anti-gay US Pastor from entering SA

Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaga on Tuesday announced that US Pastor Steven Anderson has been barred from entering South Africa.

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Anderson, who has been accused of hate speech following remarks against homosexuality, has publicly criticised South African leaders - including Gigaba - for allowing same-sex relations in the country.

The controversial pastor has taken to social media, promoting his visit to South Africa as a "soul-winning marathon".

Gigaba said this prohibition will be implemented in terms of section 29(1)(d) of the Immigration Act. This section affords the department the legal means to prohibit a foreigner who is "a member of or adherent to an association or organisation advocating the practice of racial hatred or social violence.

"We have a duty to prevent hatred in all forms against the LGBTI, against any other person in a democratic state. Developments, since rumours of Anderson's exploration to the south, have painted a scenario of one individual and his like-minded associates bent on callously negating and violating equality," Gigaba said.

Gigaba said he has informed the Director General that he has identified Anderson and members and/or associates of his church as undesirable persons. 

"Undesirable persons are barred from travelling to South Africa for periods determined by the department. Furthermore, I have withdrawn their visa exemption status, enjoyed by all Americans. This is on the basis that I am certain they promote hate speech as well as advocate social violence. Accordingly, Steven Anderson will be advised that he is a prohibited person in South Africa.

Not long after Gigaba's announcement, Anderson posted a response on Facebook.

Anderson made headlines after posting a video on YouTube hitting out at Gigaba.

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