Hammanskraal water restored, not fit for human consumption

Hammanskraal water restored, not fit for human consumption

The Department of Health in Gauteng says while it has made progress in restoring water to Hammanskraal, it is not yet ready for human consumption.

Tap water (Do Not Use)
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The water crisis in Hammanskraal, which has been without water for three weeks, has also had a severe impact on the Jubilee Hospital.

The hospital was forced to close down its surgery department due to hygiene concerns.

The department’s spokesperson Kwara Kekana says reports indicate that while water has been restored, it is not safe for human consumption.

"The water supply has been restored in the Hammanskraal area which means that water has also been restored at Jubilee Hospital.

"But the reports are saying that the water is not ready to be consumed so they are waiting for information for the environmental specialists," she says.

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