Health Department launches Covid-19 contact tracing app

Health Department launches Covid-19 contact tracing app

The Department of Health has launched a mobile application dubbed COVIDAlert SA to enhance the digital contact tracing of Covid-19 cases.


The 2.1 Gigabyte app uses minimal data to download and is zero-rated.


It uses Bluetooth to allow users to update their Covid-19 statuses and alert each other anonymously if they encounter a positive case.


The app also gives information on self-isolation and quarantine.


The department's director-general Dr Sandile Buthelezi described the launch of the app as a dream come true.


"We are honoured that finally, this dream has come true. It has been a lot of work and I would like to thank Discovery and the rest of the team. It is now the time for South Africans to take charge and it's up to them now to be part of the solution in terms of making sure we can contain infections."


Deputy director-general Dr Anban Pillay said the app will help mitigate the risk of infection in communities.


"This is a significant step in our fight against Covid, because as we ease restricts at level 2 we need to guard against the resurgence of infections in our communities. One of the greatest challenge we have is that we often move around but have no idea about the people we interact with and what risk that my pose."

The app is available on Google Play Store and iStore

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