‘Health hazard’ Centurion lake to be turned into a park

‘Health hazard’ Centurion lake to be turned into a park

A concrete slab will finally be laid over the problematic Centurion lake in July, the City of Tshwane announced on Tuesday.

Centurion Lake Hotel 2
Gaopalelwe Phalaetsile

Tshwane mayor Steven Mokgalapa says he is quite concerned about the state of the lake, which has been a bone of contention for years.

"In my view, I just call it a dirty water, because it’s quite dirty and a health hazard. I have done oversight to the Centurion lake earlier this month, with my accelerated service delivery and found that the lake is really a serious, serious health hazard to the city."

Mokgalapa says R30 million has been budgeted to fix the lake.

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"This has been a serious problem for the city for many years and to that effect, we have budgeted about R30 million in the next financial year in order to deal decisively with the lake. What we plan to do is have an urban park around and just to ensure that we channel that water once and for all so that iust doesn’t spread out into other areas. So it will be about raising up the level so that when it rains the water doesn’t get into the hotel or even into the business park."

The mayor admits he does not know why it has taken so long to fix the lake.

"I don't know, it might be budgeting or planning or priorities. I wouldn't know why it took long to deal with this matter once and for all. Now it’s in my lap and I'm taking a decision to do something about it."

Mokgalapa describes the stench as "something not kind to see”.

"The windows of the hotel (Centurion Hotel) are forever closed because the smell on the side of the lake is unbearable."


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