Hefty sentence for elderly woman's rapist

Hefty sentence for elderly woman's rapist

The man who raped a 92-year-old woman in Pretoria in 2013 has been handed a hefty sentence in the Pretoria Regional Court. 

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William Molaudzi has been sentenced to four life terms plus 12 years for burglary and raping the elderly woman in Groenkloof, east of Pretoria, almost four years ago. 

Sunnyside police spokesperson Captain Daniel Mavimbela says the woman had been raped four times

"During the trial, the court heard how on the afternoon of 13 October 2013, the victim offered food to a passerby, Molaudzi. He then noticed she lived alone," Mavimbela explains. 

He says the convicted rapist tried to recruit someone to help him break into the woman's house. 

His co-accused Xolani Ngudle told the court how he rejected Molaudzi's advances. 

"He approached me that night at about 20:00. He said we should go and break into the house of an old woman who lives alone, but I refused," he testified.

Mavimbela says the suspects gained entry to the home through a trap door.

"The accused climbed through a trap door and subsequently dropped onto the victim's bed after breaking through her bedroom's ceiling. While Ngudle ransacked the house, Molaudzi forced himself onto the victim."

The accused were arrested on 22 October 2013. They've been in custody ever since. 

Ngudle (37), will spend the next 12 years in prison.

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