'Herbal Blend' drug resurfaces in Pretoria

'Herbal Blend' drug resurfaces in Pretoria

A dangerous drug popular among Pretoria pupils has seemingly made a comeback – but this time under a different name.

'Herbal Blend' drug resurfaces in Pretoria
Xander Loubser

The substance, known as Herbal Blend, Puff or Blazing, landed three pupils in hospital last year. 

Videos circulated on social media in October year showed teenagers from Pretoria West taking the drug while still in their school uniforms.

Spokesperson for Best Care Ambulance Services, Xander Loubser, says the drug recently resurfaced, complete with brand-new packaging.   

The drug is sold in a black package with the word ‘herbal’ written on it. 

"We just want our public and communities to be vigilant for the signs and symptoms that we have seen in the previous users, ranging from hallucination, seizures, decrease levels of consciousness and mental disturbances. These are only a few of the signs and symptoms you can be on the lookout for,” Loubser says.  

National police spokesperson Vishu Naidoo says forensic tests show the drug is a dangerous, synthetic version of marijuana.  

"Its a synthetic drug in terms of our Drug Trafficking Act. It renders this drug absolutely illegal so anybody found in possession of the drug, dealing in the drug or using the drug may be liable to criminal prosecution.


"We have so far been able to recover some of these drugs in some places, particularly in the Pretoria West area. Every time we recover this drug, or find it in possession of any individual, we will have it tested to see if indeed it has a base that constitutes an illegal substance. That will determine whether the person that was found in possession has committed a criminal act.”

Naidoo adds that most people use the drug as incense. 

"The problem that we have is that they don't know that they are buying an illegal substance, provided that it comprises of the cannabinoid synthetics. If it doesn't contain that substance it cannot be deemed as a drug."

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