Hlaudi Motsoeneng: I don't need scientific research

Hlaudi Motsoeneng: I don't need scientific research

SABC boss, Hlaudi Motsoeneng told the Complimentary Breakfast that he doesn't need scientific research to back his view of less violence on TV. 


Motsoeneng told Jacaranda FM's breakfast host, Rian van Heerden on Monday morning that he doesn't need scientific research to make operational decisions at the public broadcaster.

He added that his team is diverse and includes all races and languages.

Motsoeneng has been in the news recently for his policy but he said that the SABC is not serving politics and that his view of less violence on television is just that, his view.

"I interact with the audience and it is clear that people do not want to see more violence as it leads to more violence," he said.

Motsoeneng added that he doesn't need scientific research or a company do confirm this view.

"I don't believe in scientific research," he said.

"I think it is important to note that at the SABC we have a certain mandate to fulfil...and we have been going around the country. People have been saying we need more local content," Motsoeneng said.

"Local is lekker," he added.

Motsoeneng said that this is the time for all South Africans to come forward with creative ideas and make great TV.

He told Rian van Heerden that the SABC is financially sustainable and that they have put aside R600 million for local content.

"We are not there to make profit," he added.

He also explained that a public broadcaster can't be commercial because their mandate is to serve the people and not to make money.

Responding to a question about the recent ban of news reports containing public violence, Motsoeneng said that people misinterpret his views.

"When people see journalist, they start burning tyres etc. This means that the SABC is backing violence," he said.

He continued that people who are protesting would talk to SABC journalists and start turning violent encouraged by the media.

"This leads to more violence. You as South Africans, I wonder if you really think properly about everything that you do," he said.

"If you, as media, get excited about people burning schools and hospitals, there wil be none left," he added.

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