‘Hostage drama’ at Tshwane offices in Akasia

‘Hostage drama’ at Tshwane offices in Akasia

Residents from an informal settlement in Soshanguve allegedly held officials hostage at the City of Tshwane’s offices in Akasia on Wednesday morning.  

‘Hostage drama’ at Tshwane offices in Akasia

Members of the community descended on the offices and refused to let the officials leave until their demands were met.


However, City of Tshwane spokesperson Selby Bokaba doesn’t believe the claims of a hostage drama are accurate.


"I think it is not normal to characterise today as a hostage drama. There was a group of community dwellers that descended at our Akasia offices earlier this morning and they forced officials out of their offices, locked the gate, and demanded to be addressed by a political principal.


"Basically, our officials couldn't exit or enter their offices and hence I say let us not call it a hostage drama." 


Bokaba says the residents demanded the fixing of a road which had been damaged following heavy rainfall on Tuesday. 


"They basically demand three things. One, they need want re-gravelling of the roads, they want the water tankers to be increased, and they want the toilets to be increased.


"In the main, they are saying they want the road to be re-gravelled especially after rainfall we experienced yesterday. They say some of the roads are bad and are battling to enter and exit the area.”

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