‘I have secrets of the ANC’ - Magashule warns party as he gears up for court

‘I have secrets of the ANC’ - Magashule warns party as he gears up for court

Suspended ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule has warned the party that his criminal trial might force him to disclose some secrets.

Ace Magashule
Image courtesy: SABC News YouTube

Magashule was speaking on a Spaces, a live audio feature on Twitter, on Friday.


This comes as Magashule gears up for his latest court appearance in the R255 million Free State asbestos corruption saga.


He is implicated in the matter and has since been suspended by the party pending the finalisation of the case. 


"You know what this case will give me? if I can get into the box, I have secrets of the ANC, I am sure I can keep them, I cannot be angry. But there are certain things I cannot leave when I am confronted with all these things happening in the ANC. But there is always a platform to talk about these things," said Magashule. 


Questioned about the divisions and factions within the ANC, he maintained the party is divided and needs leaders who will not be bought.


"My heart is also bleeding and I am sure the blood of all those who love the ANC and know what we have done during the years of the struggle. I am sure their hearts are also bleeding when we are so divided, what is dividing us is money, and the trajectory the ANC is staking, implementing the resolutions of conference.


"The ANC is being turned into an organisation of those who love money, I don't think that is right thing, we should make sure its the organisation of everyone, and it doesnt abondon the workers and the poor," added Magashule 


He also said he is concerned at the manner in which the ANC is treating organisations such as the Economic Freedom Fighters, as an enemy, when they can work together to bring people land. 


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