Intelligence watchdog’s court bid suddenly disappears from public eye

Intelligence watchdog’s court bid suddenly disappears from public eye

The Inspector General of Intelligence’s urgent court application was supposed to be heard in the high court on Thursday.

Palace of Justice
Pieter van der Merwe

The Inspector-General of Intelligence’s (IGI) urgent court application has suddenly disappeared from the public eye, with his lawyers refusing to comment.


Court officials were only willing to say there was a meeting behind closed doors, when the judge came into the courtroom, briefly heard another matter, and left.


The Setlhomamaru Dintwe is accusing the security agency’s now former Director-General, Arthur Fraser, of deliberately obstructing him in his investigations – especially as Fraser himself is the subject of an investigation.


Fraser has been accused of forging a minister’s signature to set up the Principal Agent Network (PAN). He is also alleged to have been party to the establishment of an illegal intelligence gathering unit and awarding state contracts to relatives.


Fraser, who was moved to the Correctional Services Department this week, denies all the allegations against him. He insists the IGI is not allowed to re-investigate the PAN matter, as his office had already concluded a two-part investigation.


It was the complaint in this investigation that Fraser claims led to the removal of Dintwe’s security clearance. In his responding affidavit, Fraser accuses Dintwe of unlawfully accepting classified information from the DA Chief Whip John Steenhuisen when he opened the case in May 2017. He further alleges that Dintwe later gave classified information to MPs.


The Inspector-General denies the allegation, adding if it was the case, it would mean that he and/or his office is under surveillance by the SSA. Dintwe further insists the nature of his work requires him to access confidential information.


When reporters attempted to speak to Dintwe’s instructing attorney, Jac Marais, he said he was unable to comment on the matter in any way at this stage.

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