Jerusalem attacks kill two, wound five

Jerusalem attacks kill two, wound five

A gun attack on a bus and a car and knife assault in Jerusalem on Tuesday killed at least two people and wounded five in two separate incidents, authorities said.

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It was the bloodiest violence in Jerusalem since the current wave of unrest began at the start of October and the first time an attack has seen gunfire on a bus.

A 60-year-old was killed and four people wounded in the bus attack in a Jewish neighbourhood of east Jerusalem, while the attackers were also killed, medics and police said. 

Media reports said one of the attackers used a gun and the other a knife.

In the car and knife attack that saw someone drive into a bus stop and exit with a knife in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighbourhood, at least one person was killed and one lightly wounded, medics said. The attacker was also wounded.

The Jerusalem attacks came after a Palestinian stabbed and wounded a passerby north of Tel Aviv before being detained by civilians in the area.

A wave of stabbings have hit Israel, Jerusalem and the West Bank since October 3.

The attacks along with violent protests in annexed east Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank have led to warnings that a full-scale Palestinian uprising, or third intifada, could erupt.

Unrest has also spread to the Gaza Strip, with clashes along the border in recent days leaving nine Palestinians dead from Israeli fire. - AFP

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