Khuli Chana and police reach settlement

Khuli Chana and police reach settlement

South African hip-hop star Khuli Chana and the South African Police Service have reached a settlement in the Johannesburg High Court following a shooting incident in 2013. 


Chana was chased by police in a case of mistaken identity and shot at nine times after he was mistaken for a kidnapper. 

He sustained minor injuries with a bullet that was lodged in his right finger.

Chana opened a case against the police for attempted murder shortly after the incident and sued the Minister of Police for damages. 

Chana's public relations company Vuma Reputation Management said in statement Chana has also accepted an apology from SAPS. 

"He has remained professional amid the trauma, and acknowledges that the SAPS have been cooperative and taken a calm stance in the matter. He has accepted an apology from the SAPS," the company said. 

Chana is quoted saying, "I am thankful I am alive, Justice has been served. I want to put this behind me and focus on the future and my music, which I want to be my greatest legacy beyond this trauma." 

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