Lamola: I will expedite America’s sanctions on Gupta family

Lamola: I will expedite America’s sanctions on Gupta family

Justice and Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola has vowed to ensure the United States of America’s sanctions on the controversial family are expedited.

ronald lamola
Pic: ParliamentofRSA/ZKostile

“The interest of justice must not be shackled by any boundary or border and justice must be seen to be done without fear or favour,” Lamola said on Thursday.

This after the US Treasury announced sanctions on Atul, Rajesh, Ajay and business associate Salim Essa.

They have been prohibited from travelling to or doing business in the United States of America.

Authorities say this is due to a "significant corruption network" that dispersed bribes and misappropriated millions in state funds.

Lamola said he welcomed the decision and vowed that the “execution of these requests is expedited”.

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The controversial Gupta family has been dubbed the architects of state capture at the inquiry into rampant corruption and fraud.

“[T]hese sanctions will ensure that companies or individuals are prohibited from conducting any business in the USA or with any American company worldwide,” said Lamola.

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