Lesufi ready to ‘act decisively' against anyone implicated in SIU report

Lesufi ready to ‘act decisively' against anyone implicated in SIU report

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi has vowed to take action against anyone implicated by the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) into the R431 million school sanitation tender.

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The SIU recently announced that it would be freezing the bank accounts of companies linked to the Gauteng school sanitising programme.

The bank accounts belong to 14 service providers and totals over R431 million.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, Lesufi expressed hurt at the allegations against his department.

“That is one chapter of the department that still hurts me. It is something that I did not expect from the department that I am leading, but I cannot fold my arms and say this happened and therefore we can’t take action.

“I am excited that the SIU has prioritised it. I wrote to them asking for it to be prioritised they have moved with abnormal speed and for that I am grateful, so we are waiting for the final report and I want to emphasise, as soon as that report land on my table before dawn, I will act and I will act decisively,” said Lesufi.

Lesufi says the incident has had a negative impact on the department.

“I regret that incident, it has affected the department so badly and as somebody that is presiding over this department it is something that I least expected. 

“When the final report is released, we will act on it and act decisively without fear or favour or who is affected, even if its me, I will go to the premier and tell him that the report says he should act against me, and I will not make it difficult for the premier.”


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