Limpopo residents turn on police in protest

Limpopo residents turn on police in protest

Residents from the Sendedza village in Limpopo took to the streets on Tuesday evening, barricading roads and damaging police vehicles.

File photo: Gallo Images

According to the police, residents pelted police with stones when they arrived on scene to rescue a man the community accused of murder.

Community members tracked the man down following the murder of another in the area last week.

"This suspected person was caught and dragged to the local sports ground by this community silently and started assaulting him with various objects until the local police got a report and responded swiftly," police spokesperson Moatshe Ngoepe said.

Moatshe said the police were pelted with stones upon their arrival, but managed to rescue the man.

"Roads were barricaded with big rocks and trees. The police continued to deal with that situation until one police car was burnt to ashes and another one was pelted with stones," Moatshe said.

A case of public violence has been opened.

No arrests, injuries or fatalities have been reported following the incident.

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