Liqui Fruit recall: Lab says glass shards were natural salts

Liqui Fruit recall: Lab says glass shards were natural salts

Pioneer Foods recalled their 330ml of Liqui Fruit Red Grape Juice last week, but has since received the results of their lab tests and communicated this to the Nasional Consumer Commission.

Liqui Fruit

The company received reports of small shards of glass in a single batch of their Liqui Fruit Red Grape still 330ml cans and immediately actioned a recall by Monday morning.


However, Pioneer Foods says the lab results show that it was not glass particles, but natural tartrate salts found in grapes that crystalized in post-production. 


Acting Consumer Commissioner Thezi Mabuza says the recall was important in ensuring that consumers are protected. 

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“The lab results as provided by Pioneer Foods indicate that crystals formed post-production and the reasons thereof are still under investigation," says Mabuza.


According to Pioneer Foods, 70% of the recalled product has been recovered.


“An opinion provided by the Department of Health on the matter suggests that grape juice naturally contains tartrate salts that look like crystal and upon cooling these crystals should stabilize,” adds Mabuza.


The Commission is still urging consumers who may still have this product to return it to the retailers for a full refund.

The description of the affected product is as follows:

Pioneer Foods Product Code: 27327

Outer case Barcode: 6001240225615

Shrink pack Barcode: 6001240225608

Single Unit Barcode: 6001240225592 – (printed on side of can)

Specific date coding BB 01.04.2021 C TIME and BB 02.04.2021 C TIME

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