[LISTEN] Gay wedding venue legal battle could be heading for the Constitutional Court

[LISTEN] Gay wedding venue legal battle could be heading for the Constitutional Court

The legal battle between a lesbian couple and a wedding venue that does not want to host their wedding might be heading to the Constitutional Court. 

Megan Watling and her fiancee Sasha-Lee Heeks
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Megan Watling, 25, and her fiancée Sasha-Lee Heeks, 24, have decided to approach the Equality Court after the Beloftebos venue refused to host their wedding ceremony because of the owners' Christian beliefs.

Both Heeks and a representative of the Beloftebos venue, Michael Swain, who is also a spokesperson for the Freedom of Religion South Africa both say they believe the Constitutional rights at the heart of the matter could see the highest court in the land having to decide on the matter. 

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"Here you have two opposing equality rights," says Swain, explaining that the right to sexual orientation and freedom of religious belief are equal in law. 

"There is no hierarchy of rights. And obviously while you are protected to protect and promote and defend your rights, as is the case with this couple with same-sexual orientation attraction, you are equally entitled to your religious beliefs and convictions," eh says. 

Listen to Swain below as he explains what the legal consideration, in this case, is for Beloftebos: 

Bride-to-be Heeks says she also foresees that the case might go to the Constitutional Court, but she feels it is important to take a stand about sexual rights and what they view as discrimination by Beloftebos. 

"We cannot stand by while personal beliefs are used to discriminate against people unfairly," says Heeks. "

Listen to Heeks speak below about how the incident made her and her fiancée feel: 

Swain says both Freedom of Religion South Africa and Beloftebos will oppose Heeks and Watling's legal bid "vigorously" and view this case as essentially begin about the COsntitutionl Right to dignity. 

Listen below to Swain as he explains: 

 Heeks says while she foresees having to fight her legal battle all the way to the Constitutional court, they believe they have a strong legal case based on discrimination with a good chance of winning the case at the Equality Court. 

She says she has known her partner since High School, and that her wedding plans have taken a backseat for now while they focus on the case. 

Listen below as Heeks talks about how she and her fiancée met and became engaged: 

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