[LISTEN] ‘I am speechless’ - Deaths of Pretoria siblings in NZ baffles former nanny

[LISTEN] ‘I am speechless’ - Deaths of Pretoria siblings in NZ baffles former nanny

The former caregiver of the three South African girls that tragically died in New Zealand on Thursday night has given a glimpse of life with the family.

Mandy Sibanyoni and three South African siblings that died in New Zealand Maya, Karla and Liane Dickason

This after both countries were rocked by news of the siblings’ death

The bodies of two-year-old twins and their six-year-old sister were discovered by their hysterical father in their suburban Timaru home in the island country.  

While the circumstances of their death remain unknown a 40-year-old woman, believed to be their mother, has since been arrested and charged with murder. 

The girl’s maternal grandfather said the family was devastated by the loss. 

Caregiver Mandy Sibanyoni has also come out to express deep shock over the death of the three girls now identified by New Zealand media as Maya, Karla and Liane. 

“I’m so torn apart because those kids they used to love me so much and I used to like that family so much. I’m speechless.

“I’m just asking myself one question - what went wrong? Lauren never had something like a grudge or something, I always saw her with a smile on her face. Even the husband, a smile on his face, even the kids. So, I’m torn apart,” Sibanyoni said unable to hold back tears. 

She further denied speculation of a domestic rift, adding there were no signs of distress.  

“The relationship with the mother and father was so good. They were such a loving family for me and my family also and with the girl, everything went well.

“We used to go placed together with the other extended families. It was nice. No wrong sides of the Dickason’s that I know. I only know that they are a loving and caring family, always happy,” Sibanyoni added. 

She also described the girls as playful and colourful.  

“They were such loving kids.” 

According to Sibanyoni, she last had contact with the family earlier this year before their move abroad. 

Listen to Sibanyoni share memories of the siblings below: 


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